Preston, Marianne Caughey Smith


Marianne Caughey Smith Preston - MBE

Marianne Caughey started a drapery shop in Auckland in 1880. It flourished and her husband, William Smith, joined the business in 1881 and Mariannes brother, Andrew Caughey, joined them the following year.

The growth of the business over the next 30 years owed much to the efforts of all three family members. Smith died in 1912 and Marianne was appointed a director of Smith & Caughey in 1916.

Marianne was a staunch Christian and gave to a variety of religious, welfare and educational causes. Her generosity was recognised in 1935 when she was honoured with the MBE.

She bequeathed her shareholding in Smith & Caughey to the Marianne Caughey Smith-Preston Memorial Rest Homes Trust Board for residential care of the elderly.