Plowman, Neal Hutton

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Neal Hutton Plowman

The Plowmans' laundry and towel-supply service business was started by George Plowman in 1910. It later became NZ Towel Supply & Laundry and was expanded in partnerships with local laundries by George's eldest son, Jack.

Neal Plowman, a third-generation family member, returned to New Zealand in 1961 from the US and set about expanding this business.

In 1969 it was was listed on the New Zealand Stock Exchange to finance diversification into industrial uniforms, cleaning and hygiene services.

Renamed Endeavour Services Corporation, the company expanded its textile rental services throughout Australasian as well as diversifying into other industries.

In 1986 Plowman privatised the company and in 1998 the business was sold to the American Steiner Group.