Gibbs, Alan

Alan Gibbs

Alan Gibbs is one of New Zealand's most successful entrepreneurs and inventors. He studied engineering and economics, later becoming a diplomat in London. On his return to New Zealand in the 1960s, Gibbs continued to work as an economist while also making plans to build his own car. Gibbs began experimenting with amphibious vehicles in the early 1990s. He has developed 11 different automobiles and has more than 50 different patents in his name.

Gibbs has also completed projects for the New Zealand Government to advise on restructuring the public hospital system and to privatize the government-owned forestry sector. He was the driving force behind the introduction of Sky TV and co-lead the syndicate that purchased New Zealand Telecom to undertake its restructuring.

Gibbs is one of New Zealand's leading art collectors and has established the internationally acclaimed “Gibbs Farm” in Kaipara - the world’s largest outdoor sculpture park.